How We Boosted ROI on Social Ads by 2.5x in One Year

Regency Furniture


The Client

Regency Furniture is one of the top 100 furniture retailers in the country. Their large product catalog and widespread presence in Virginia and Maryland makes them one of the most prominent furniture brands in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

The Challenge

With the Furniture eCommerce and market doubling from $23 billion to $42 billion in six years (2013-2019), national and regional brands are continuing to invest in their eCommerce experiences. As such, Regency Furniture saw their competitors shift away from traditional advertising – e.g. radio, TV, and print – and realized that they needed to stake a claim in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce.
But the online furniture market is overcrowded. To compete, they’d need to pry SEO rankings, web traffic, and market share away from both well-established furniture companies and industry giants like Amazon and Wayfair.
The Client needed a trusted partner who could not only build an exceptional online customer experience from the ground up, but who could also bring in qualified leads from new channels. That’s why they reached out to Fifth Tribe.

The Strategy

Fifth Tribe’s methodical approach to marketing, development, and digital strategy left nothing to chance in this project with Regency Furniture. We firstly laid the building blocks for success by auditing the Client’s existing marketing strategies. Second, we performed comprehensive customer analyses and competitor research to identify key demographics, buying trends, and pain points. Then, we re-evaluated Regency’s outreach campaigns. We introduced new strategies from the ground up whenever we found wasted ad spend or missed opportunities to win new customers. Lastly, we optimized the Client’s eCommerce site for all devices, platforms, and channels – ensuring every customer would enjoy a fast and responsive experience.

90 Day Product Roadmap
Regency Furniture Facebook Page

Gamification & Targeted Promotions

Among the most successful elements of the campaign were the gamified promotional strategies used to attract and engage qualified leads. Each month, a new promotional game was used to capture customer emails and create a positive brand experience, as well as bring already captured leads back to the site. Each player won a discount
code that they could then use for online purchases, and the top player each month won a free furniture set. These games were played hundreds of times by thousands of players.
Fifth Tribe generated the ideas for monthly promotional campaigns and created all of the assets necessary to run them, including HTML emails, web banners, social media posts, and online ads. We continue to create these games for Regency Furniture multiple times a year! Check out Behind the Scenes of our most recent digital marketing game and see some of the games in action on our Showcase Page.
Promotional Game Created for Women’s History Month

The Results: Seven Figures in Online Sales & 2.5x ROI on Ad Spend

Regency Furniture’s investment in a comprehensive online strategy paid off, generating over seven figures in online sales in just one year. The site now receives over 550,000 unique visitors annually, and digital marketing directly contributes to over 60% of the company’s total online sales. AdWords campaigns have also been incredibly successful, driving 2.5x ROI and outperforming the average industry click-through rates (CTR) by more than 3x.
The Client’s email list more than doubled within the first year of the engagement; their social media following quadrupled. Customers on the company’s email list are active and engaged: email marketing conversion rates are at an all-time high, and average CTR has skyrocketed by more than 10,000%.
As a result, the Client hasn’t just made a splash in a crowded marketplace—they’ve created a tidal wave.