Onboarding Made Easy: How We Built an Online Portal for a Global Professional Services Network



The Client & The Challenge

KPMG is a global professional services network that employs over 200,000 people worldwide and offers services in financial audits, taxes, and advisement.  Before teaming up with Fifth Tribe, KPMG Cayman Islands had a recruiting system that was riddled with obstacles.  Their onboarding process was particularly difficult to navigate both by new hires and the KPMG team. The consequences were a number of issues that caused delays, inefficiencies, and inconveniences for members of the internal team, as well as the onboarding individuals.  KPMG required a new process that would not only cultivate a more effective and sustainable recruitment of international staff members, but would ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved.

The Strategy

Fifth Tribe began this product development project with extensive field research and interviews with the Performance and Culture team at KPMG, as well as with various new employees.  After identifying where and why the most consequential challenges were developing, we were able to narrow our focus towards improving the internal process and individual experiences during onboarding through enhanced organization, efficiency, transparency, and communication.  In order to accomplish these goals, Fifth Tribe’s proposed solution was an application that would serve as a digital portal for all onboarding interactions.

The Solution

Fifth Tribe’s hope in the creation of the KPMG app was not only that the aforementioned challenges would be resolved, but was also that the onboarding experience would be completely (and positively) transformed.  The application was designed to match and rigidly follow each stage of the process – Immigration, Moving to Cayman, Living in Cayman, and Working at KPMG – while serving as an easily accessible, functional, and intelligible platform for all users.  The product roadmap that our team compiled in conjunction to the application clearly outlined the process that informed our recommendation for the onboarding app, demonstrated how this new system would completely reinvent how new KPMG employees were integrated into the team, and finally outlined why it would benefit the company in the long run. 

The Results

The KPMG onboarding app – as well as the product roadmap – that Fifth Tribe designed were outcomes of the thorough briefing, research, prototyping, iteration, and launching process that we pride ourselves on. We successfully were able to help KPMG address the shortcomings of their previously-inefficient onboarding system, while making short-term and long-term projections for how the application would increase the organization, productivity, and transparency in a typically complicated and stressful process.