We Took A Field Trip to the Maker Hub at Georgetown University. Here’s What We Found.

Last week we were introduced to the perfect collaborative space to get the creative juices flowing!


What is the Maker Hub?

On the first floor of the Georgetown University Library you will find a creative haven for all members of the Georgetown community. It is an innovative lab where specialized tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and electronics are available for people to express their creativity and turn ideas into reality.

The place is run by Don Undeen (@DonUndeen) the Maker Hub manager. He gave us a tour and a sneak peak into what the Maker Hub is all about. Don has created a drop-in learning space, where everyone is welcome to just come by and start creating.


The Maker Hub tools and materials are free, to make sure the space is accessible for anyone. It is an environment where you feel encouraged to play, try things out and fail. It is all about fabricating and experimenting in a collaborative atmosphere with other makers and creatives. There are volunteers and staff on site to help people get started with the tools. We were introduced to the different workstations – where especially the 3D printers, laser cutters and interactive electronics made an impression.


It was a very inspiring visit and after a brief brainstorming session we came up with a bunch of creative ideas relevant for Fifth Tribe: building a portable arcade out of legos and using raspberry pi, making a physical spin the wheel for consumer engagement and doing 3D print and laser cut objects for both internal and client projects.


Thank you to Don for the tour – we will definitely be back for another visit soon!

Find out more at: https://www.library.georgetown.edu/makerhub or check out their social media: 



Welcome to the Maker Hub – release your inner handyman or woman
and get your creative juices flowing!

Members of the Fifth Tribe team is introduced to the Maker Hub workstations:
Print, Textile, CNC, Electronics, Wood Shop and Arts & Crafts.

Don Undeen showcasing the Maker Hub’s Oscilloscope, which is a test instrument
that allows observation of varying signal voltages.

At the Maker Hub you can find 3D printed figures in all shapes and sizes. A print for a
small object takes about 30 minutes, while larger projects can take several hours or even days.

3D printed objects can be molded or casted using materials such as metal.
You can get some really nice results!

The Maker Hub has some really cool objects made from laser cutting.

3D printers just waiting for their next exciting project!  


Adam Motiwala

Certified in Agile Scrum and Design Thinking, Adam Motiwala is a Product Owner at Fifth Tribe. He has launched digital products with clients across multiple industries such as healthcare (Kaiser Permanente, INOVA, Aetna Innovation Health), finance (KPMG, Guidance Residential, Wahed Invest), NGOs (Oxfam America, AARP Foundation, the Vatican Accelerator, the Hult Prize, Silatech), government (Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Peace Corps), and education (Mississippi Public University). Adam is currently leading a project to help AARP launch a web application in over 30 states across the country that will assist over 10 million low income seniors with learning and applying for property tax credits. He serves as startup mentor at Seed Spot and the Hult Prize accelerator and has been featured in Thrillist, technical.ly, and Arlington Now.