It’s Prime Time! Fifth Tribe Awarded GSA IT 70

Fifth Tribe Awarded GSA IT 70


Over the past five years, Fifth Tribe has been a proud provider of digital services to various Federal agencies including the Peace Corps, Air Force, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and recently, the Department of Homeland Security. As of February 2017, our ability to service the Federal government has just passed a significant milestone.

We’re proud to announce that the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Fifth Tribe a Multiple Award Schedule 070 Contract!This long-term IT contract adds Fifth Tribe to a pre-approved list of technology companies for Federal purchases, making it easier for government agencies to receive high-quality, cost-effective digital services.

Our contract number is GS-35F-232GA and can be viewed on GSA Advantage. Our Special Item Number (SIN) is 132–51 Information Technology Professional Services and includes labor categories such as software engineers, software testers, business analysts, help desk support, graphic design, data collection analyst, database management, and security analyst. The period coverage is from 2/15/2017 to 2/14/2022.

If you work within the Federal government and want to learn more about how Fifth Tribe can service your digital needs or are a contractor looking to partner with a prime contractor such as Fifth Tribe, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Click here to learn more about how the GSA Schedule 70 works.

Khuram Zaman, CEO

Fifth Tribe, Facebook, Google, and Others Join Forces with the Tent Foundation to Help Refugees at Home and Abroad

In August of 2016, former President Obama called upon the Private Sector to come together and provide opportunities to help provide innovative solutions to the global refugee crisis. Over 90 companies ranging from AirBnB, Coursera, Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, MasterCard, Microsoft, Sales Force, Twilio, Twitter, Uber, Udemy, Unilever, UPS, Zynga — and Fifth Tribe — ended up answering the call.

Fifth Tribe has committed to helping refugees in three ways:

  1. Building the Helpugees App
  2. Providing Job Training via Project Digital Hope
  3. Creating Infographics and 360 Videos

The Helpugees App is currently in beta, but here’s a sneak preview:


It’s Official: We’re Agile Scrum Master Certified


At Fifth Tribe, our projects have ranged from launching a mobile application to help a non-profit engage in advocacy to Congressmen to building a website in 40 days to accommodate a $1 billion Federal fund program. Over the years, we’ve tried out a few different project approach styles including waterfall, kanban, agile, design thinking, and agile scrum. After all these years, we finally decided to put a ring on it and are proud to announce that we’ve become Certified Scrum Masters by the Scrum Alliance.

To learn more, check out our latest blog post: “The of Project Management

Our First 60 Days: Project Showcase

Within the first two months of 2017, we launched three major projects with three different tech stacks for three different clients. One project used HTML5/CSS, another used WordPress, and a third used Drupal. One project focused heavily on imagery, another on interactivity, and a third on information hierarchy. Below, you’ll see the three projects we launched in the first 60 days.

The Tigerlily Foundation


The Tiger Lily Foundation is hands down one of the best non-profits in the DC. We helped the Tiger Lily Foundation transform their web presence from a simple landing page to a mobile responsive wordpress platform that elegantly balanced between design needs such as high-quality images, color accents, iconography and functional needs such as form capture, social media integration, and strong information hierarchy. The Tiger Lily Foundation does so amazing work. To learn more, visit them at www.tigerlilyfoundation.org.

Regency Furniture


One of our favorite projects of 2017 has been creating an interactive prize competition for Regency Furniture, one of the best local DC furniture brands. We recently helped them launch their first ever e-commerce platform. To drive user engagement and spread awareness, we created a simple landing page that allowed users to enter an email and spin a wheel to win prizes ranging from discount coupons to whole furniture sets. We built the web application using Node.js, HTML5 , JavaScript, Jquery, MySQL, AWS, RDS, and Elastic Beanstalk. Fifth Tribe also launched facebook video ads, HTML emails via mailchimp, and social media content marketing to promote the giveaway. The competition lasted a week and generated over a thousand user interactions, twenty-percent new user registrations, and an increase in online sales. For the month of March, we’ll be doing a trivia prize competition in honor of Women’s History Month. Stay tuned for launch!

DHS CVE Task Force


Due to a variety of factors, violent extremism in this country is on the rise. From potential lone-wolf attacks to coordinated cells, violent extremists seek to use any and all means to sow chaos and foster social conflict. The Countering VIolent Extremism Task Force has been tasked with spreading awareness about violent extremism domestically, coordinating resources, and develop digital strategies as counter-measures. Fifth Tribe is proud to have built the new DHS CVE Task Force website using Drupal in partnership with Concept Plus LLC. To learn more about the important work that the task force does, visit www.dhs.gov/cve.

New Client: Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Fifth Tribe is proud to sign-on our latest client: The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. We hope to build them an authentic, branded digital experience to inspire their stakeholders and spread awareness on this important subject.

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Fifth Tribe Interview on ISIS Online Snapshot (WTOP)


About Fifth Tribe
Based out of the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Fifth Tribe is a digital agency that empowers visionaries to launch bold ideas through our ground-breaking solutions. We specialize in providing product development, branding, web/mobile development, and digital marketing consultations to top industry leaders in the Government, Healthcare, Finance, and Social Impact sectors. Our client list includes Oxfam, Kaiser Permanente, Ernst and Young, the U.S. Air Force, INOVA, the Hult Prize, the Department of Defense, and more. To learn more, visit www.fifthtribe.com.

Khuram Zaman

Khuram Zaman is the CEO of Fifth Tribe, a leading digital agency serving the Washington DC Metropolitan Area based out of the 1776 Startup Co-working Space. In his professional capacity, he has provided digital marketing services to clients as diverse as the Department of Defense, Kaiser Permanente, Oxfam America, Ernst and Young, and The Hult Prize. His writing has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, and Business2Community. Khuram is the host of the Campfire: Impact and Innovation live podcast on Youtube. In his free-time, Khuram serves as a mentor to startups through the Peace Tech Accelerator, the Halycon Incubator, and is also a Entrepreneur in Residence at Georgetown University