Just Design It: Five Things Designers Love to Hear

We have all interacted with people who simply don’t understand what designers do. Below are comments that designers have heard at least once in their lives. These are actually things that people have said to me; bless their little hearts.



**Fun fact about this one — when my dad saw it he guiltily looked up at me then smirked and said “I’ve done this.” Yea pops, you made the list. 3 4 5

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Khuram Zaman

Khuram Zaman is the CEO of Fifth Tribe, a leading digital agency serving the Washington DC Metropolitan Area based out of the 1776 Startup Accelerator. Upon graduating from Widener University School of Law in Delaware, he went on to work in the non-profit sector where he raised almost a million dollars online for various charitable causes involving donors and volunteers from over 80 countries. In his professional capacity, he has provided digital marketing services to clients as diverse as the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, Aetna Innovation Health, Kaiser Permanente, Silatech, Oxfam, and The Hult Prize. His writing has been featured in Entrepreneur.com, Business2Community, and Forbes.